Building Envelope Science Institute Holds Training Seminar for Defective Drywall in Orlando, Florida

Gainesville, FL – The Building Envelope Science Institute (BESI) will host another certification seminar for Defective Drywall Inspection and Remediation.  The certification class will be held on August 22-23, 2011 at the Hilton, located in the Walt Disney World Resort at 1751 Hotel Plaza Boulevard, Lake Buena Vista, Florida.  

The institute has held conferences throughout Florida since October 2009 providing qualified individuals training to perform inspections and remediation on homes and commercial buildings that were constructed with defective drywall. The institute recognizes the importance of providing proper training and education for those performing inspections and remediation on structures with defective drywall.  The institute remains the leader in the industry for providing comprehensive, relevant education and certification for qualified individuals through its commitment to investigate new methods, techniques, science or products that may provide valid relief for those owners effected by the Defective Drywall which are lacking a supportive response by the Obama administration and Congress to provide a solution. 

The protocol offered through BESI provides (to-date) the most comprehensive remediation process that was developed based on proven science. The extensive training for remediation of defective drywall being taught by BESI considers the following major factors: corrosion, cross-contamination of other building materials, personal belongings, indoor air quality monitoring, a national warranty (not an insurance policy), and removal of the stigma from having defective drywall.

The American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC) has approved our two-day course for sixteen (16) recertification credits (Registration #10092301), as noted on their website. It’s good to know that if your home was remediated under this protocol that it would not require additional work in order to meet the CPSC/HUD guidance or to be aligned with the court’s ruling.  

Those that earn a designation as a remediator or consultant through the institute will have attended a two-day course with a written final exam; inspectors will have attended a one-day course with a written final exam; and there are prerequisites such as years of experience in the industry and being in good standing with the state if they are licensed (required for those performing remediation).

The institute provides information on other available remediation methods during its training seminar; however, BESI certification is only being offered on the endorsed protocol since the other remediation methods do not require a high standard of training nor do they offer third-party quality control.  The Building Envelope Science Institute has a “Nationwide Directory of Members” that currently allows individuals to locate BESI certified inspectors and remediators for defective “Chinese” drywall in their area and compare the services offered by these companies.

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